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ABOUT US is a pet-project by movie freak Jeppe Kleyngeld, who is a content manager in daily life. He has been a cinema-nut ever since his parents bought him his very first movie encyclopaedia. The reviews, credits and black- and white images obsessed him to a point where he wanted to see all the movies from the book. This mission was never achieved, although he certainly came a long way. Now, he just likes to watch films, write about them and discuss cinema with fellow fanaticals. He is especially fond of crime/ horror flicks and westerns, but is open to everything that is cinema. He started this website so he would be able to bitch about films all the time and praise the ones that he loves the most. He is also hoping to pass on his enthusiasm to the younger film freaks out there. Hopefully this website can inspire a few kids – like himself when he got his first movie encyclopaedia – to discover what a beautiful medium film really is.

If you want to contribute something that you think will suit this website well, or if you would like to share your vision with the founder of this site, please contact him via