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40. Seven Souls





Episode: Members Only (SE6, EP1)
Characters: Agent Harris, Agent Goddard, Vito, Janice, Domenica, Bobby, Gene & Deane Pontecorvo, Finn, Meadow, Raymond Curto, A.J., Adriana, Carmela, Tony and Junior




     ‘The ancient Egyptians postulated Seven Souls. Top soul, and the first to leave at the moment of death, is Ren, the Secret Name.’ The sixth season kicks off in a brilliant way. Nearly a year has passed since the final episode and we get a snapshot of the characters lives at this point. During the sequence, a two-minute narration by William S. Burroughs is heard from the album ‘Seven Souls’ by ‘Material’. It’s the perfect mood setter for the beginning of the end.







39. The Vision





Episode: Long Term Parking (SE5, EP12)
Characters: Christopher and New Jersey Family




     Christopher has to choose; leaving with Adriana or sticking around with Tony. Then he sees what he dreads the most; a family of poor people stepping in a beat-up Chevrolet Citation. He makes his choice then and there and Adriana’s faith is sealed.








38. Reunited






Episode: Cold Stones (SE6, EP11)
Characters: Carmela, Adriana, Gendarme and Cosette





     While in Paris, Carmela has a beautifully shot dream about Adriana walking by the Eiffel Tower. She is reunited with Cosette again. Then a gendarme tells her; ‘somebody needs to tell your friend she’s dead.’ Carmela’s subconscious is trying to tell her something…










37. The Sign







Episode: Fortunate Son (SE3, EP3)
Characters: Tony, Paulie, Silvio, Christopher, Bobby, Furio, Patsy Parisi, Raymond Curto and Eugene Pontecorvo






     Christopher was warned before when he briefly visited hell; stay out of the Mafia. He chose to stick with Tony anyway leading to this moment. At his making ceremony he sees a raven sitting on the windowpane outside. This is definitely a bad omen. When you see the picture of St. Peter burn in his hand you know for sure; this is gonna end badly. Great use of symbolism! Another interesting aspect of this scene is that Eugene Pontecorvo is getting made as well and Tony says; ‘once you enter this family, there’s no getting out.’ This will come back in Season 6.   









36. The Dream is Gone








Episode: Kennedy and Heidi (SE6, EP18)
Characters: Christopher, Tony, Kennedy and Heidi





     David Chase likes to mess with his audiences expectations. He kills off Christopher, probably the second most important character of the series, in an entirely unexpected moment. Everybody knew that sooner or later he would have to go, but surely this would happen at the end of a long dramatic episode and in a very dramatic way. Now, he goes in the beginning of an episode and in a very silent way. Still, it’s a pretty harrowing scene. Chance provides Tony with the opportunity to rid himself of a ‘weakling’ who had become a liability, and – predatory as he is – he takes it. The dream really is gone now. What did you expect? Christopher was listening to the soundtrack of ‘The Departed’.










35. ‘No’









Episode: Employee of the Month (SE3, EP4)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi





     After she got raped in a parking garage and her assailant is released from custody, Dr. Melfi is naturally a little tempted to let Tony tear him apart. He would without a doubt, so all she has to do is tell him. But Melfi is the only untouched character in the show and therefore needs to keep her integrity. She does. In the final scene of the episode, she breaks down in front of Tony, but when he asks her if she wants to tell him something, she says; ‘no’. It was to be expected, but it’s still impressive and fortunate. The series needs one character who’s not corrupted like the rest. Way to go Jennifer. One of the finest episode endings.   










34. The Involuntary Cliff Dive










Episode: Pax Soprana (SE1, EP6)
Characters: Mikey Palmice, Associate and Rusty Irish






     This is a brutal moment in the series to once again remind the audience that they are watching sociopaths at work. Junior has just been made Caesar, and he is immediately (mis)using his power. In this scene, Junior’s soldiers kill dope peddler Rusty Irish, because he sold designed drugs to Junior’s tailor’s grandson, who consequently killed himself by jumping off Patterson Falls. The killers are visibly having a blast when they throw the terrified dealer off the bridge.









33. Cultural Warfare











Episode: Whitecaps (SE4, EP13)
Characters: Alan Sapinsly an Trish Reinhold-Sapinsly







     In WHITECAPS, Tony bought a house called Whitecaps, but changed his mind due to his marital problems. The owner won’t pay him back his deposit, so what does he do? He sends two underlings to the guy’s house in his boat with the biggest speakers ever and they start playing Dean Martin all night. David Chase described this method of intimidation ‘cultural warfare’, because Martin is Italian. It is also the final scene of the fourth season. The overall message; Tony is still powerful, but his private life is all messed-up.










32. Failed Hit












Episode: Isabella (SE1, EP12)
Characters: Tony and two hitmen





     Although you know Tony will survive – what would THE SOPRANOS be without T after all? – this attempt on his life is still a very tense affair. Luckily these ‘boys 2 men’ send by Junior and Mikey Palmice screw it up big-time. Tony not only survives, the huge adrenaline level raised by this experience takes him right out of his depression. Also look out for THE GODFATHER reference. Tony is carrying a bottle of orange juice. Don Corleone was buying oranges when hitmen came to gun him down.   










31. The Real Soprano













Episode: Army of One (SE3, EP13)
Characters: Tony, Carmela, Meadow, A.J., Junior, Silvio, Gabriella Dante, Bobby, Johnny, Ginni Sacrimoni, Christopher, Adriana, Patsy, Furio, Artie, Charmaine Bucco and Janice






     Shitfaced or not, who ever knew Junior could sing like that? With the beautiful ‘Ungrateful Heart’, he provides a very fitting closing to the excellent third season. Look out for that moment where the drunken Meadow crosses the street, it seems visually related to the parallel parking scene in the final episode.












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