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90. Make It Happen





Episode: The Blue Comet (SE6, EP20)
Characters: Phil, Butch DeConcini and Albie Cianflone




     Phil declares war on Tony’s ‘glorified crew’, motivating his decision by stating that Jersey don’t live by the old mob standards anymore, ignoring the fact that nobody does and the mob is all about the money nowadays. Great scene, for the dialogues but also because it makes the tension level rise sky high. You know an old school mob war is about to break loose and anybody could get hurt. All bets are off now and the adrenaline is rushing through our bodies.  







89. Louisville Slugger





Episode: Second Opinion (SE3, EP7)
Characters: Tony and Angie Bonpensiero




     You gotta love how Tony handles this one. The widow Angie Bonpensiero is on Tony’s payroll since Pussy went MIA (whacked), but she’s still crying money problems to Carmela. When Tony arrives to sort it out, he sees that she is driving a Cadillac. His anger management lessons go straight through the window then and there. He takes a Louisville slugger from his car and takes out his frustration on the caddy. He then tells the frightened Angie: ‘You see my wife you talk about oven cleaners. Anything else you come directly to me.’








88. The Oklahoma Kid






Episode: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti (SE1, EP8)
Characters: Christopher and Bakery Clerk





     The post modern movie references are one element in making THE SOPRANOS a great show. The best one appears in this scene. Christopher feels depressed because of his low ranking status in the mob, so he starts acting like a cowboy. ‘What is it, do I look like a pussy to you?’, he asks a bakery clerk that doesn’t show him enough respect. Then he shoots him in the foot to teach him a lesson. The same thing happens to Michael Imperioli (who plays Christopher) in GOODFELLAS. He gets shot in the foot by Joe Pesci for forgetting to serve him a drink. Therefore Christopher’s reply to the clerks; ‘Arghh, you shot me in the foot’, is all the more hilarious. ‘It happens’, he says before walking out the door. Genius! Ps: That customer Chris sends away is indeed Vito in a different role.










87. Old Plotters







Episode: Pilot (SE1, EP1)
Characters: Junior and Livia





     This little dialogue between Junior and Livia feels like a scene from a Roman tragedy like I, CLAUDIUS in which – not accidently – the evil mother character is also named Livia. During their drive to A.J.’s birthday party, Junior feels out Livia about a possible hit on Tony. First he pisses her off a little: ‘Remember the long hair and the drugs? Now, it’s fags in the military’, and then he says that ‘something may have to be done about Tony’. She doesn’t say anything! Brilliant set-up for one of Season 1’s major plot lines.









86. Bevilaqua’s Death








Episode: From Where to Eternity (SE2, EP9)
Characters: Tony, Pussy and Matt Bevilaqua





     With Christopher almost shot to death, Tony is keen on revenge. This is an opportunity for FBI-informant Pussy to prove himself. He tracks down Bevilaqua and takes Tony there to whack him. Matt is understandably scared of what is coming, so he pisses his pants. After a brief interrogation, Tony finishes him off with a shot in the head. Matt is crying for his mother before the end. Then Tony and Pussy send out a message and pump Matt’s dead body full of lead. Afterwards, they go celebrate with a steak meal.










85. High Impact Collection









Episode: Where’s Johnny? (SE5, EP3)
Characters: Paulie, Gary La Manna and Jimmie





     This scene is priceless. Paulie is pissed because Feech La Manna squeezed out his mother’s gardener Sal Vitro, so he takes down Feech’ nephew Gary to settle the score. The damage Paulie does to Gary is even greater than the number Feech did on Sal Vitro. He causes him to fall out of a tree and break his legs. Then he takes his cash and lawnmower as down payment. Incredible these guys.










84. Popping Cherry










Episode: Sopranos Home Movies (SE6, EP13)
Characters: Bobby and Rene LeCours






     While Carmela claims that Tony Soprano is not ‘a vindictive man’, he still sends out Bobby to commit his first murder because he kicked Tony’s ass in a fist fight a couple of days earlier. The murder scene is delivered in quite a dramatic way; Bobby is obviously upset and his victim – a young guy – is seen badly suffering. A clever detail is that the first bullet ends up in the Laundromat and is heard quaking around till the end of the scene.  









83. Furious Debut











Episode: Big Girls Don’t Cry (SE2, EP5)
Characters: Tony, Furio, Dr. Melfi, Dominic and wife







     Fresh over from Naples, Furio is given a first assignment by Tony. He has to straighten out the owner of a bordello and his insubordinate Filipino wife. He passes the test. Within a minute, he has caused more physical damage, pain and fear than any other of the guys would have achieved in years. Tony is enjoying himself in the car while he listens to the anguish inside. Then Melfi calls that she wants to take him back as a patient. How appropriate.










82. Happy Times












Episode: Pilot (SE1, EP1)
Characters: Tony and Christopher





     This is a beautiful early moment in the relationship between Tony and Christopher where everything is still peaches and cream. Chris is unhappy because Tony did not compliment him on solving the Triborough Towers situation (the hit on Emil Kolar). Instead of kicking his ass, Tony understands. He has gone all soft because of the therapy he has been having. ‘That’s how I was parented, never supported, never complimented’, Tony says. Very soon after, Tony explodes anyway after Chris starts babbling about writing Hollywood screenplays. ‘You gonna go Henry Hill on me now?’ Then they make up again. ‘Everything is gonna be allright from here on in. What could be bad?’ Well, with these highly unstable characters, quite a lot.      










81. A Killer’s Conscious













Episode: Kennedy and Heidi (SE6, EP18)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi






     After Tony murdered his nephew Christopher, he feels relieved. But he can’t share his true feelings with anyone, because, well you know it’s supposed to be an accident what happened. So what does the unconscious do? In a dream, Tony comes clean to Dr. Melfi. The truth is pretty chilling when you think about it: ‘The biggest blunder in my career is now gone and I don’t have to be confronted by that fact no more. Let me tell you, I murdered friends before, even relatives. My cousin Tony. My best friend Puss… but this…’  Then he wakes up all worried that he spoke in his sleep.     












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