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100. Prone to Depression





Episode: The Second Coming (SE6, EP19)
Characters: A.J., Tony, Carmela and Dr. Richard Vogel




     A.J.’s family therapy after his attempted suicide is absolutely hilarious. It is great to hear them discuss all these memorable events from the past. Like Livia telling A.J. ‘it’s all a big nothing’, or Carmela calling A.J. an animal for smoking marijuana at his conformation. And all the time you hear A.J. mimicking Tony, who in turn is mimicking Livia. Then Tony finds Coco’s tooth in the fold of his right pant leg… Oh jeez.







99. Idiot Squat





Episode: Full Leather Jacket (SE2, EP8)
Characters: Christopher, Matt Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte




     It was clear from the start that Matt Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte were not the sharpest tools in the work shed, but this idiotic action comes shockingly unexpected even from them. They shoot down Christopher because they somehow figure this will help them move up the mob hierarchy. They don’t even manage to pull it off. Sean wears a seatbelt, so he gives Chris time to shoot back and kill him. Matt takes off, having just signed his own death warrant. THE SOPRANOS never fails to surprise.








98. West Caldwell






Episode: Sentimental Education (SE5, EP6)
Characters: Tony Blundetto and Mr. Kim





     For a while, Tony Blundetto seemed to be different than all these selfish, sociopathic animals that inhabit Soprano-land, but his old personality comes back with a vengeance in SENTIMENTAL EDUCATION. All it took was finding a bag of money and gamble for a few nights straight. Here, he snaps and kicks the shit out of his sponsor and business partner Mr. Kim. Typical story of an ex con; he tries to improve his ways, but doesn’t have what it takes. He is as crazy as the rest of the crew. His imitation of Mr. Kim is hilarious though. ‘Wes cal well. Wes cal well. W-e-s-t C-a-l-d-w-e-l-l.’   










97. Melfi Judges







Episode: From Where to Eternity (SE2, EP9)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi





     Usually Dr. Melfi behaves perfectly around Tony, despite his often rude behaviour. But in this session, his rant about how poor people came from Italy only to be used as worker bees becomes too much even for her. ‘What do poor Italian immigrants have to do with you? And what happens every day when you get out of bed in the morning?’ It may not be professional, but it had to happen sometime in the treatment of a mobster. The scene also gives us insight on how Tony feels about his sins, like murder. ‘We’re in a situation, where everybody involved knows the stakes. If you’re gonna accept the stakes you gotta do certain things. It’s business. We’re soldiers. We follow codes. Orders.’  Indeed an effective way to justify all his actions.









96. Long Overdue








Episode: For All Debts Public and Private (SE4, EP1)
Characters: Christopher and his mother Joanne Moltisanti





     In the first post 9/11 episode, the economic situation of the United States plays a major role. While the US wants to pay back the Taliban and al-Queda for their attack on the WTC, Carmela worries about money and Tony wants his captains to start earning more. Christopher settles a long standing personal debt. He whacks the murderer of his father: Detective Lieutenant Barry Haydu. In this closing scene at his mother’s house, he sticks Haydu’s final one dollar bill on his mother’s refrigerator. Debt paid in full. In his turn, Chris is now indebted to Tony for providing him with the information about his father’s murderer. It all comes together quite nicely here.










95. Meet the Parents









Episode: Proshai Livushka (SE3, EP2)
Characters: Tony, Meadow and Noah Tannenbaum





     ‘What’s your background Noah?’ When Meadow brings home an Afro-American boy from college and leaves him alone in the room with Tony, you immediately sense what’s gonna happen. Season 3 addresses Tony and Carmela’s roles as parents, and when it comes to racial issues they are wrong as hell. In this scene Tony immediately goes for the award for least politically correct television character. ‘You’re a ditsoon. A charcoal briquette? A melanzane?’  He gets rewarded with a panic attack soon after.   










94. Cheese Fuck










Episode: The Happy Wanderer (SE2, EP6)
Characters: Silvio, Tony, Paulie, Christopher, Sunshine, Johnny Sack, Frank Sinatra Jr., Dr. Fried, Matt Bevilaqua, Sean Gismonte and Davey Scatino






     During the high stakes ‘executive game’, things get tense when Silvio is on a losing streak. When Matt starts wiping cheese under his seat he explodes. It is hard not to laugh at the ridiculous outburst that follows; ‘Leave the fucking cheese there, all right? I love fuckin' cheese at my feet! I stick motherfuckin' provolone in my socks at night, so they smell like your sister's crotch in the morning. Alright? Now leave the fucking cocksucking cheese where it is!’ Chris had already warned Matt; ‘he’s a sick fuck when he gambles.’ Yes, he obviously is.









93. Dismemberment











Episode: Whoever Did This (SE4, EP9)
Characters: Tony, Christopher and Ralphie






     In WHOEVER DID THIS, we get to spend the night with two mobsters, who have to get rid of a corpse. These mobsters are Tony and Christopher and Ralphie is the corpse. Chris, who is high like a kite, has to ‘make him ready’. He discovers that Ralphie is wearing a wig. This freaks him out more than chopping off his hands with a meat cleaver does. These sociopaths…  










92. Traumatic Encounter












Episode: Employee of the Month (SE3, EP4)
Characters: Jennifer Melfi and Jesus Rossi





     Completely unexpected, Dr. Melfi becomes the victim of a brutal sexual assault. It’s a terrible scene to watch because it makes you feel so powerless. Up to this point, Dr. Melfi – who now briefly becomes Jennifer – had been an observer, someone who could offer some sensible comments on the pretty twisted universe all other characters live in. Now, she becomes part of the action in the least desirable way possible. It’s a painful experience for her and the audience.










91. Setting the Trap













Episode: Long Term Parking (SE5, EP12)
Characters: Tony and Adriana






     Tony makes a memorable call to Adriana. He tells her that Christopher tried to commit suicide and that he was ‘very upset about something’. But Tony is lying. He sends Silvio over to her place to take her on her last ride. The conversation ends with the iconic line; ‘I’ll see you up there.’  












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