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110. The Groom Feeds the Bride





Episode: Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request (SE6, EP5)
Characters: The entire New York and New Jersey families (except Rusty Millio)




     One of many great moments at Allegra Sacrimoni’s 400.000 dollar wedding. The atmosphere at the wedding is delivered perfectly. It’s like you are standing there yourself. This is how you do production design in a Mafia series; the music, the people, the traditions, it’s all there and all great.







109. Poor Me, Poor You





Episode: Amour Fou (SE3, EP12)
Characters: Tony and Gloria




     It is quite subtle, but Gloria really is the substitute for Livia who died earlier in Season 3. ‘I sit back like a mute, while you screw every woman out there.’ In this scene, Tony finally sees it to. ‘I have known you all my life. A bottomless black hole.’ Subsequently Gloria tries to commit ‘suicide by mob boss’. Normally an affective technique, but Tony is too clever to let it go down like this. Great acting here by Annabella Sciorra and James Gandolfini.   








108. Phone Games






Episode: Whoever Did This (SE4, EP9)
Characters: Ralphie, Mrs Gualtieri, Vito and Eugene Pontecorvo





     Ralphie figured it was Paulie who told the Ginny Sack joke to Johnny Sack. He calls Green Grove to get back at him. Paulie’s mum answers. Ralphie: ‘Hello, Mrs Gualtieri, this is detective Mike Hunt, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Police Department. We found your son in a public men’s room in Lafayette Park. I don’t know how to put this delicately; he was sucking a cub scout’s dick.’ He goes on for a while and has everyone in stitches. Including the audience. Too bad Ralphie goes this episode; he is one funny motherfucker.  










107. Momma’s Boy







Episode: The Fleshy Part of the Thigh (SE6, EP4)
Characters: Paulie and Jason Barone





     Jason Barone finds out the true nature of his recently deceased father’s business. Paulie, who was moved by Jason mother’s protection of him, due to his own recent family discovery, intimidates Jason into paying him four grand every month, exactly the price for his mother’s retirement community. A very grim lesson about being in the Mafia’s grip; even after you are dead, your children might end up in the same shitty position as you.









106. Kingsley’s ‘Fuck’








Episode: Luxury Lounge (SE6, EP7)
Characters: Christopher, James ‘Murmur’ Zancone, Ben Kingsley and agent





     Chris and Murmur are on the plane back from Christopher’s little movie adventure. They are still grinning about the Lauren Bacall rough-up when Ben Kingsley enters, who totally doesn’t like to be around the obnoxious Christopher anymore. His agent booked him on the wrong flight. His subsequent delivery of the F word is one of the best in the entire series. Faaackkk!!!










105. Waste Management









Episode: Whoever Did This (SE4, EP9)
Characters: Tony and Christopher





     There something very sinister about the atmosphere in WHOEVER DID THIS, in which Tony and Christopher casually dispose of Ralphie’s corpse. Tony works a machine here, to dig a hole in frozen ground. They might as well be building a shed these two guys…









104. Story Arc










Episode: Walk Like a Man (SE6, EP17)
Characters: Christopher and J.T. Dolan






     A drunken Chris visits screenwriter T.J. who has functioned as the mob’s bitch ever since he borrowed cash from Christopher. The poor slob doesn’t realise how dangerous Chris is at this point. After Christopher starts spilling his guts about Adriana and Ralph Cifaretto, T.J. blows him off which leads to his killing. He quite literally made his LAW AND ORDER deadline.









103. Meeting of Minds











Episode: Kaicha (SE6, EP12)
Characters: Tony, Phil, Silvio, Little Carmine, Butch DeConcini and Gerry Torciano







     Carmine Jr., with his attempts at eloquence, is always good for a few laughs. He organised a meeting between Tony and Phil to discuss the rising tension. He opens the meeting with: ‘Now, I wouldn’t call it a sit-down because of the inclement negative implications. Let’s think of it as a meeting of minds.’ When things are smoothened between the two rivals, Carmine brings up Phil’s brother Billy, who was murdered by Tony’s cousin Tony B. Oh no.  










102. New Jersey Bride












Episode: The Knight in White Satin Armor (SE2, EP12)
Characters: Carmela and Janice





     Janice is happy with her cleavage and Carmela is melancholic about Tony’s cheating. She tells Janice; ‘In a year tops you’re gonna have to accept a goomar.’ Janice her comeback is strong as always. ‘I’d like to see the goomar that let him hold a gun to her head while they fuck.’ Carmela is pretty much stunned. ‘I though you were a feminist, Janice.’ But she thinks it’s just a little fetisjism and besides; ‘he usually takes the clip out.’ Richie is a real prize.  










101. Butcher Boys













Episode: Cold Stones (SE6, EP11)
Characters: Silvio, Carlo and Fat Dom Gamiello






     Busting balls is one thing, but calling Jersey boys cocksuckers is quite another. Fat Dom Gamiello gets a taste of his own medicine after joking about Vito and Carlo sucking dick. What was he thinking? You know how explosive these guys can get. Silvio hits him from behind with a dustbuster, while Carlo stabs him repeatedly with a cooking knife. All the while Fat Dom squeels like a pig; it’s very messy. Afterwards, Silvio notes that they can’t chop him up at Satriale’s because of DNA technology. Whackings don’t get much better than this.












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