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120. Watchman





Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: Tony




     This is just an image really, but a powerful one. Tony holding guard for the bear in TWO TONYS is the perfect final image. The cigar, the assault riffle; there is only one Tony and this is him. The heavy rock music makes it even better.







119. Blind Spot





Episode: The Ride (SE6, EP9)
Characters: Carmela and Liz La Cerva




     ‘Carmela Soprano, how’s your daughter?’, begins Adriana’s mother Liz when she meets Carmela at the annual feast of Elzéar of Sabran. Then after Carmela’s ‘Fine’, she says: ‘well, mine is dead.’ Goosebumps. Carmela is faced – again – with Adriana’s faith, but she just doesn’t see it. In Season 6 she completely accepted her faith as, what series creator David Chase calls: housewife-whore.








118. No Way!






Episode: Do Not Resuscitate (SE2, EP2)
Characters: Pussy, doctors and Skip Lipari





     After a lot of hustle in season 1 about Pussy being a rat or not, it was decided that he is not. After all, Jimmie Altieri was the traitor right? Also a fat guy with black hair. Now that Pussy has returned everything is back to normal again. Then we find out Pussy is a rat after all! In this scene he is talking to an FBI agent. An amazing twist that nobody saw coming.










117. An Unfriendly Drink







Episode: Walk Like a Man (SE6, EP17)
Characters: Christopher, Paulie, Tony, Patsy, Bobby, Silvio, Carlo, Walden Belfiore, Jason Molinaro, Dante ‘Buddha’ Greco, Benny Fazio and Anthony Maffei





     ‘To good times’. The way things are brewing now they will be over soon. Chris has a few drinks too many with Paulie to make up for the feud they recently had. Then he has to take a whole lot of insults that even include his daughter. Everybody laughs at Christopher, including the diabolical Tony. Chris seems to take it well, surprisingly enough. But under the surface things are happening that aren’t so healthy.









116. Flipping Ade








Episode: No Show (SE4, EP2)
Characters: Adriana, Danielle, Agent Frank Cubitoso and Agent Harris





     The feds use quite intimidating techniques to flip their targets, we witness in Adriana’s interrogation. They threaten her with a charge to sell and distribute cocaine that could get her to jail for 25 years. They also warn her that if she does not cooperate, Tony will find out that she brought an undercover FBI agent to his house on Sunday dinner. ‘We will probably never hear about it though. Chances are that you and Christopher will just disappear.’ Ade throws up big time. This is the beginning of one of the most dramatic plot lines in the series.










115. Forced Retirement









Episode: The Test Dream (SE5, EP11)
Characters: Phil Leotardo, Billy Leotardo and Angelo Garepe





     The Leotardo brothers take out old Carmine Lupertazzi’s consiglieri Angelo for cooperating with Little Carmine against Johnny Sack. The trunk murder is a reference to the death of Billy Batts in GOODFELLAS, who is played by Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo).










114. What’s His is Mine










Episode: Kennedy and Heidi (SE6, EP18)
Characters: Tony and Sonya Aragon






     We had to include at least one scene in which Tony was shagging in this list. His shag with Christopher’s former Vegas girl after his death is a good one. The build-up is especially masterful. Tony killed Chris, but couldn’t stand being around all those people grieving. So he booked a private flight to Vegas for some gambling, eating and shagging. He’s gotta stop and smell the roses, right?  









113. Macho Man











Episode: Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request (SE6, EP5)
Characters: Tony, Christopher, Bobby, Paulie, Silvio, Patsy, Jason Molinaro, Dante ‘Buddha’ Greco, James ‘Murmur’ Zancone and Perry Annunziata   







     After he comes back from the hospital his underlings start to second guess him, so what does Tony do? He takes on the most athletic guy he can find, Muscles Marinara, and kicks his butt. The guy can’t hit Tony back, but it’s about window dressing anyway. This scene shows that these guys function pretty much like apes, with Tony still as supreme Gorilla.  










112. Near Whack












Episode: Irregular Around the Margins (SE5, EP5)
Characters: Tony, Christopher, Paulie, Tony Blundetto and associates





     Again, Christopher nearly dies. This time at Tony’s hands. He got more lives than a cat this one (perhaps that’s the point of the cat in MADE IN AMERICA). Tony is close to clipping him, but Tony B. saves his life. They then go talk to a doctor who explains Christopher that it is physically impossible that Adriana was giving Tony head when their car crashed.   










111. Homicide













Episode: Eloise (SE4, EP12)
Characters: Paulie and Minn Matrone






     In Season 4 things already start to get pretty dark at times. Killing old ladies now? Paulie found out his mother’s ‘friend’ Minn Matrone keeps her money under her mattress, so he breaks in, but gets caught red handed. When she starts to scream he smothers her with a pillow. That’s a low move. He brings Tony a big, fat taste afterwards, to make up for his recent disloyalty. Evil.












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