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130. Moment of Truth




Episode: All Happy Families (SE5, EP4)
Characters: Billy Leotardo, Lorraine Calluzo, Jason Evanina, Phil Leotardo and Joey Peeps




     The first victims in the New York conflict are Lorraine Calluzo and Jason Evanina. They are brutally killed by Billy Leotardo and Joey Peeps on orders of Johnny Sack. Watching Lorraine running through her house naked and then falling down next to her lover’s dead body is a pretty horrific sight. No soothing moment in this death. In terms of mise-en-scène, it reminds of Adriana’s killing later this season.   







129. Acting Boss





Episode: Mayham (SE6, EP3)
Characters: Silvio and Gabriella Dante




     With Tony in the hospital, Silvio steps up as acting boss. While his wife flatters him, Sil remains level headed. He’s better as number two. Strategy. Advice. This is the first time we really see Silvio in the dynamics of his own household and it’s an entertaining look. His wife keeps on tempting him to fill the void Tony will leave when – god forbid – he dies. She is thinking about a bigger pay day as well. Silvio tells her he was considered as boss in the past, but it wasn’t for him. Still, he wouldn’t sneeze on it, would he?








128. True Friendship






Episode: All Happy Families (SE5, EP4)
Characters: Tony, Paulie, Vito, Silvio, Tony Blundetto, Feech La Manna and other gamblers





     ‘What do you get when you cross an accountant and a giant jet airplane? A boring 747.’  After a remark by Carmela about the truthfulness of his friends, Tony observes them more closely and guess what? They laugh a little too hard at his not-that-great accountant-joke. That slow-motion shot of these laughing faces is genius.










127. Comforting







Episode: Join the Club (SE6, EP2)
Characters: Carmela and Tony





     This scene is included solely because of Edie Falco’s excellent performance. She is talking to the comatose Tony (shot by Junior) and shares memories, in the hope that he doesn’t die. The way she handles this vast scope of different emotions and expressions makes her one of the finest actresses of the small screen.









126. Natural Canopy








Episode: Full Leather Jacket (SE2, EP8)
Characters: Richie, two associates, Matt Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte





     These wiseguys are true experts in coming up with the most creative insults for each other. Richie shows great talent here when Matt and Sean come to visit him to score points. About Christopher he says; ‘The attitude on that camel nosed fuck. He touches my niece again, I’m gonna tear him apart piece by piece.’ Matt and Sean are amazed; ‘Camel nosed, you can’t make that shit up!’ Richie: ‘I just did. You ever noticed how he is the only motherfucker who can smoke a cigarette in the rain with his hands tied behind his back?’ That’s just brilliant.










125. Tony’s Analysis









Episode: Stage 5 (SE6, EP14)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi





     Tony is genuinely hurt about Christopher’s portrayal of him in CLEAVER. ‘After all I did for this kid, and he thinks I’m some asshole bully.’ The relationship between Tony and Chris is going down the hill even further than it already was. ‘Is it possible you are reading into this too much?’, asks Dr. Melfi. Tony: ‘I’ve been coming here for years. I know too much of the subconscious now.’  










124. Blood Relations










Episode: For All Debts Public and Private (SE4, EP1)
Characters: Tony and Christopher






     Tony does some effective relationship building with Christopher here. He brings him to the retirement party of Barry Haydu, a former cop who killed Christopher’s father. Now Chris can pay him back. Tony acts weird around Chris, but his story on Haydu seems to check out with Christopher’s memories, so it is probably true. Still, it is becoming increasingly clear how dangerous Tony really is. He wants Chris in his grip and he takes him, just like that. The dark times in THE SOPRANOS have now begun and Tony is the devil himself, so it appears.   









123. Silent Treatment











Episode: He is Risen (SE3, EP8)
Characters: Tony, Ralphie, Christopher and Paulie







     Tony shows his managerial excellence once again. On advice of Dr. Melfi, he read ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu and finds it very useful in his daily gangster management. When Ralph Cifaretto becomes a problem, Tony puts the strategic lessons from the book into practice. ‘Annoy your enemies’, is the approach in this scene. Ralphie comes to apologize for ‘disrespecting the Bing and the girl’. Tony lets him crawl. He hardly says anything and doesn’t even let Ralphie sit down. When Ralph made his apologies, all he says is; ‘anything else?’ Even though Ralph is a bastard, this scene is hard to watch.









122. Sea Vous Play












Episode: Remember When (SE6, EP15)
Characters: Tony and Paulie





     At this point in the extended sixth season, Tony has sunk rock bottom. While on the lam for an old murder, the evil Tony considers whacking Paulie – whom he has known for ages – for talking too much. This Tony has become more and more of a paranoid and twisted man. And any hopes for improvement have gone down the toilet.









121. Warning: Danger!













Episode: Irregular Around the Margins (SE5, EP5)
Characters: Tony and Adriana






     ‘Danger’ is all over this scene. Tony is about to have sex with Christopher’s fiancée which would be a disaster relationship wise. The discussion between the two is about Adriana’s secret FBI friend Daniele. On top of that, there is the physical danger: Tony swerves to avoid a raccoon on the road and flips his SUV on its driver's side. The beauty of this incident is that you immediately start to worry. What will they all think of this? Will they think….? Yes, they will soon after.  












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