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140. Use Your Head




Episode: Whoever Did This (SE4, EP9)
Characters: Tony, Christopher and Ralphie




     In The episode WHOEVER DID THIS, THE SOPRANOS turns into a horror film for a while, when Tony and Chris put Ralphie’s head and hands in a bowling bag. This could be a scene from AMERICAN PSYCHO or THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Very chilling.







139. Dirty Mouth





Episode: The Second Coming (SE6, EP19)
Characters: Tony, Butch DeConcini and Salvatore ‘Coco’ Cogliano




     The Jersey – New York conflict reaches a critical point when Tony pulls a Derek Vinyard on Coco, an idiotic mobster who made a few nasty remarks to Meadow earlier while drunk. Never a smart play with a mob boss’ daughter. The ultra violence in the series is getting grittier, while the atmosphere in this scene is extremely menacing. This NJ-NY-bomb is certainly ready to blow.








Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Paulie, Christopher, Silvio, Carlo Gervasi, Johnny Sack and Raymond Curto





     ‘Jesus, I’m stuffed. I can’t remember the last time I ate this much. The boys are out for diner and the newly made guy Christopher has to pick up the tab. It’s reason for another fight between Christopher and Paulie, who likes to rub it in. ‘My friend here would like the check. Hehehehe 1184. I gotta play that number.’  Later in the evening, they make up by whacking the waiter together. Now that’s bonding between friends.










137. Future Outlook







Episode: For All Debts Public and Private (SE4, EP1)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi





     Tony looks into his future with Dr. Melfi and he sees two endings for a high profile guy like him; ‘dead or in the can. Big percent of the time.’ This scene ties directly to the final scene in Holsten’s where Tony is seemingly facing both these pianos hanging over his head. Here, he still sees a third option; creating an unbreakable bond with his nephew Christopher and communicating only through him. ‘Why are you telling me?’, Dr. Melfi asks. ‘I guess I trust you’, Tony replies. This is the point where she should get really concerned, she is becoming more and more his consiglieri.









136. Future Outlook (2)








Episode: Sopranos Home Movies (SE6, EP13)
Characters: Tony and Bobby





     Wiseguys live pretty much from day to day, but once in a while they look into the future. While leisurely floating around in a boat together, Tony and Bobby look at theirs. Death is always out there, and so is an indictment by the Justice Department. Tony decides to give Bobby a bigger responsibility because things with Christopher are not turning out the way he planned. They also discuss the fact that Bobby never killed anyone despite his father being ‘the terminator’. An important scene in setting up the events that are about to unfold in the final 9 episodes.










135. Big Mouth Billy Bass









Episode: “To Save Us All From Satan’s Power” (SE3, EP10)
Characters: Tony, Carmela, A.J. and Meadow





     Tony gets the perfect Christmas present from Meadow; a Big Mouth Billy Bass. This is a singing fish that sings; ‘Take Me To The River’ from Al Green. This thing freaked Tony out before and the same thing happens now. All episode long, Tony has been dealing with guilt over killing Pussy – who was singing to the feds – and this is the perfect reminder of his deeds. He earned it. Pussy the Fish will continue to haunt him forever.










134. Return of the Legend










Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Feech La Manna, Bobby and Junior






     ‘You know what’s the biggest change for me? Broads shaving their bushes. I went over to Silvio’s; it’s like the girl scouts over there.’  Feech La Manna, the legendary mobster who we heard about before, is back! He is portrayed with great intensity by Robert Loggia. What an eyebrows, what a voice. There are lot’s of wisecracks and jokes in this scene. There is also immediate tension between Tony and Feech which promises trouble for the season to come.










133. End of a Friendship











Episode: Chasing It (SE6, EP16)
Characters: Tony and Hesh







     In Season 6B, Tony is gambling everything away, even his close friendships. When Hesh’ girlfriend Renata dies in her sleep, Tony – disgustingly – slams the 200K at Hesh he borrowed from him. Don’t think he is gonna offer Hesh some comfort and support instead. They have now become completely estranged. This is Hesh’ final scene in the series.










132. Rat Trap












Episode: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano (SE1, EP13)
Characters: Christopher, Silvio and Jimmie Altieri





     Lovers of the violence in this series will appreciate this whacking. Mob informant Jimmie Altieri is lured into a trap by Chrissy and shot through his head by Silvio. His brains are splattered all over the wall. A civilian later finds him with a rat in his mouth.










131. Rude Awakening













Episode: The Happy Wanderer (SE2, EP6)
Characters: Tony and Davey Scatino






     A moment that illustrates the tragedy of the gambling addiction. After the euphoria comes the hangover. Davey just had to sit in with the executive game. He had a few good rounds, but then he started losing. Big time. In the end, Davey gambled away 45 boxes of ziti (45.000 dollars). Tony, who was his friend before, now puts on his other face. ‘If I don’t get back every penny, I am gonna send a guy to your joint every Saturday, for five percent interest.’ These are the people mobsters prey on and Davey slowly starts to realise, this bet is gonna cost him everything.     












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138. 1184