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150. The Happy Wanderer




Episode: The Happy Wanderer (SE2, EP6)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi




     This session is sort of a sequel to ‘The Strong Silent Type’ in Season 1. Now the theme is ‘The Happy Wanderer’. Tony feels like a loser despite having the world by the balls. He resents Melfi for making him feel like a victim, while he admires the Gary Cooper type. So now he wants to smash her face into hamburger like all the clear headed types he sees walking down the street. She explains the realities to him once again; his parents made it impossible for him to experience joy. So now he has no choice but to join the rest of the douchebags into therapy.







149. Egg Salad





Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Johnny Sack, Carmine Lupertazzi and Angelo Garepe




     The makers of THE SOPRANOS are specialists in creating disturbing imagery. This scene contains one of the worst. Carmine, the boss of the New York Lupertazzi crime family has a stroke on the golf course with egg salad in his mouth. Even worse is the comment; ‘Get that egg salad out of his mouth.’ Disgusting.








148. Blackmail






Episode: Sentimental Education (SE5, EP6)
Characters: Carmela and Robert Wegler





     Carmela finds out what being married to the mob really means when her new boyfriend Mr. Wegler accuses her off ‘strong-arming him with pussy.’ The way he says it is way out of line, but the point he makes is not so strange. She is used to getting what she wants...  










147. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie







Episode: The Strong Silent Type (SE4, EP10)
Characters: Christopher and Cosette





     At the start of THE STRONG SILENT TYPE, Christopher is cooking up. After he injected the heroin into his veins, he sits down on Adriana’s poor, little Maltese Cosette. What a dog this Christopher! Tony isn’t gonna like this when he finds out…








146. Pimping Out Ralphie








Episode: Christopher (SE4, EP3)
Characters: Ralphie and Janice





     We already sat through Richie making love to Janice at gunpoint in Season 2. Two seasons later and Janice is dating another major creep; Ralphie (brilliantly played by Joe Pantaliono). David Chase decided it was time to throw another disturbing image at us; Janice making love with Ralphie from behind using a vibrator. ‘How much did you make today, slut? Only three hundred? I’ll put you back on the street, ho. Make you work that ass.’  










145. Unprepared









Episode: The Test Dream (SE5, EP11)
Characters: Tony and Coach Molinaro





     ‘Football’ is a recurring theme in THE SOPRANOS. In Tony’s extensive dream in THE TEST DREAM it all comes together. He reaches the man he is ordered to kill. It turns out to be Tony’s old football coach. They have a conversation. The bottomline: Tony was special, a leader type, but chose the easy way of living. Then the gun he brought to kill the coach with turns into shit. This refers to the title; a test dream is a dream in which an individual turns up late for a test in school and is wearing no clothing, meaning that the person is unprepared for a test or another task they have to face. In Tony’s case, this task is whacking Tony B., who is about to step out of line.










144. Crazy Horse Murder










Episode: Long Term Parking (SE5, EP12)
Characters: Matush, Kamal, Gilbert Nieves and Adriana






     THE SOPRANOS goes CSI. The entire episode LONG TERM PARKING is filled with memorable moments and this is one of them. A highly realistic murder in The Crazy Horse over a drug dispute. Ironically, this stabbing turns out not only to be fatal for the victim Gilbert Nieves, but for Adriana as well.









143. Costa Mesa











Episode: Join the Club (SE6, EP2)
Characters: Kevin Finnerty and Radisson quests & staff







     Following the cliffhanger of MEMBERS ONLY in which Tony was shot by his Uncle Junior, he wakes up in a strange place called Costa Mesa. It later turns out to be a comatose dream Tony has, in which he is a sales rep named Kevin Finnery (without Jersey accent). The mood of Costa Mesa is very well done. It’s a bit strange and unsettling, this dream world. The atmosphere is really what makes this sequence work.










142. Make-up Sex












Episode: From Where to Eternity (SE2, EP9)
Characters: Tony and Carmela





     It has been a rough time for Tony and Carmela’s marriage. He has been cheating on her and she wants him to have a vasectomy (snip snip) to prevent his goomar becoming pregnant. God forbid, Tony should have a bastard child. After giving her a hard time, he agrees, but Carm changed her mind. She may want a third kid… Tony and Carm make love for the first time in the series and it’s the perfect ending to a great episode. Otis Redding provides the soundtrack.  










141. Ballbreaker













Episode: The Rat Pack (SE5, EP2)
Characters: Paulie, Silvio, Vito and Tony Blundetto






     ‘What do I find at the pork store? A bunch of guys beating the meat.’  Tony Blundetto is out of jail five minutes and he is already showing what a terrific ballbreaker he is. To Paulie: ‘You got to let them dry before you put on a second coat?’ To Vito: ‘You gonna deal those? They’re not candy bars. You gotta let some of them go.’ Then he shows another specialty; massages. Great guy this Blundetto. The series needed a comical replacement for the whacked Ralhpie.












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