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160. Class of 2004





Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Janice, Bobby and Sophie




     Tony and Bobby are watching a news item. What better way to start a new season of a mob show than to introduce four new Mafia characters that are about to be released from prison? Even better; the four characters are all portrayed by great actors that earned their stripes in gangster films. Steve Buscemi plays Tony Blundetto, Frank Vincent is Phil Leotardo, Joe Santos portrays Angelo Garepe and last but not least; Robert Loggia plays Michele ‘Feech’ La Manna. This promises to be another awesome season.     







159. The Captain





Episode: He is Risen (SE3, EP8)
Characters: Tony and Gloria Trillo



     This is another perfect ending to an episode. Junior advised Tony earlier; ‘That’s what being a boss is; you steer the ship the best way you know. In the meantime, you take your pleasures when you can.’ Tony does just that; he makes Ralphie captain after Gigi dies and at the end he is taking his pleasure in the form of Gloria; an Italian knockout he met at Dr. Melfi’s. The lyrics of the song ‘The Captain’ by Casey Chambers add to the substance of the scene. They seem to be told from Gloria’s perspective; a girl who is extremely uncertain of herself, and gives herself completely to a man. In other words; a borderline girl, what Gloria off course is, and Tony will soon discover. But first he briefly gets to enjoy the good times.







158. Fried Chicken






Episode: Members Only (SE6, EP1)
Characters: Eugene Pontecorvo and Teddy Spirodakis





     Eugene Pontecorvo wants to retire from the mob, but in the Mafia, there is no such thing as retirement. In an attempt to please the bosses, Eugene whacks a gambler in Boston for not paying his gambling debts. In the end, this pretty brutal murder gains him nothing; just another bad deed for a soldier in the mob, for whom there eventually is only one way out…










157. Truth Be Told







Episode: Cold Cuts (SE5, EP10)
Characters: Christopher and Adriana





     Christopher is frustrated with Tony Blundetto getting spoiled by Tony. He is whining to Adriana, who in return tries to convince him to leave. ‘Maybe you could pick up your writing or male modelling’, she suggests. Christopher: ‘As a male model, I would probably be a success, but I couldn’t stand to be around these fucking people. I’m a soldier, Adriana. When are you gonna understand that?’ Brilliant dialogues and characterisations.









156. Crime and Punishment








Episode: Watching To Much Television (SE4, EP7)
Characters: Tony, Irina and Ronald Zellman





     Never mess with the former goomar of a mob boss, even if it’s been years since their break-up. The corrupt assemblyman Ronnie Zellman already had a feeling he would get punished this episode, he told his equally corrupt business partner earlier. His feeling comes true here. Tony gives him a truly humiliating beating with a belt. It may be for entirely the wrong reason, but he definitely had it coming.  










155. Going Home









Episode: Mayham (SE6, EP3)
Characters: Tony and the Man





     ‘You’re going home. Everyone is in there.’ Tony reaches the end of his coma dream, where he is welcomed by The Man (Tony B.) to join his family in a spooky old house. Tony wisely decides against it, helped by Meadow’s voice and wakes up. This is the closest THE SOPRANOS ever gets in showing what Tony’s hell might look like. Livia is there and probably a lot of other ghouls from his past. It’s unsettling to say the least.  










154. Safe House










Episode: The Blue Comet (SE6, EP20)
Characters: Tony, Paulie, Carlo, Silvio (cardboard version), Dante ‘Buddha’ Greco and Walden Belfiore






     The perfect ending to a perfect episode. These makers sure know how to set the mood. Tony in that room with the machine gun Bobby gave him for his birthday is both unsettling and tense. Perfect set-up for the final episode MADE IN AMERICA. How is this gonna end?  









153. Through the Meat Grinder











Episode: The Knight in White Satin Armor (SE2, EP12)
Characters: Christopher and Furio







     Never order a salami sub in a pork store owned by mobsters, because at night they use the grinder for a different type of meat. Christopher and Furio dispose of Richie Aprile’s body. ‘We have to speed this up’, Chrissy tells Furio. ‘You know what time these humps come in for work? Five o’clock, meat delivery. It will be a while before I eat anything from Satriale’s.’










152. The Contract












Episode: The Weight (SE4, EP4)
Characters: Silvio, Christopher, Lou ‘DiMaggio’ Galina, Frank Crisci, Chris Galina and Rose Galina





     Lou DiMaggio and the Atwell Avenue Boys. That is where Silvio and Christopher are send to put out a hit on Johnny Sack. The old haunts are already introduced through a frightening story by Uncle Junior (the DiMaggio legend). Their appearance, some weird chromosome dysfunction around their eyes, makes them all the more creepy. Interesting detail, Richard Bright who played Al Neri in THE GODFATHER is one of the hitmen in this scene.











151. Close Call













Episode: Where’s Johnny? (SE5, EP3)
Characters: Lorraine Calluzo, Jason Evanina, Bartender, Phil Leotardo, Joey Peeps and Phil’s associate.






     A woman shylock, Lorraine Calluzo, and her partner in crime Jason Evanina, collect a debt from a bartender. They get threatened by Phil Leotardo and his associates for kicking up to Little Carmine instead of Johnny Sack. It’s very menacing. Phil shoots at her but stops the bullet with a phonebook. ‘It only made it to the ‘R’. And Lorraine has obviously hung around these mob figures too long. ‘Please, I suck your cock. All of you guys.’  Jesus Christ.












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