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170. Living on a Thin Line





Episode: University (SE3, EP6)
Characters: Ralphie and Tracee




     In the list, the ups and downers all come by and this is a definite downer, like the entire – terrible –episode UNIVERSITY. It gives us insight into the dark lives of Bada Bing strippers; having to give blow jobs to horrible men, pieces of shit like Ralphie. Tracee, who’s pregnant with his baby, makes a mistake here and hits Ralph, who’s high on blow and a major psycho to begin with. He then begins to beat poor Tracee to death. It horrible to watch, but this is the type of people these wiseguys are. This was made clear many times before, but in this scene you really get it in your face. It’s very, very ugly.







169. Bada Bing Surprise





Episode: Denial, Anger, Acceptance (SE1, EP3)
Characters: Tony, Jackie Aprile and stripper




     An element that has always served THE SOPRANOS writers well in coming up with amusing situations, is how the values of Mafiosi are quite different from most other people. For example, when Tony wants to organise a little party for his sick friend Jackie, he has a stripper from the Bada Bing act like a nurse at his hospital bed. Then off course, Jackie and the girl get to have a little private time. This is not a treatment many cancer patients will receive. ‘It was nice of you to have a little party for your friend’, Dr. Melfi says later. No reason at all to disagree.








168. Sad Clown






Episode: The Strong Silent Type (SE4, EP10)
Characters: Tony and Dr. Melfi




     This is crucial therapy for Tony, who’s grieving over the loss of Pie-O-Mie. Dr. Melfi: ‘It is sad that you’ve lost something you loved. That being said; it’s a horse. Last time it was ducks. You haven’t grieved this way for people.’  It is true; a real sociopath like Tony has no empathy at all for people, but when it comes to animals, they strangely affect him. ‘You’ve caused much suffering yourself, haven’t you?’, Melfi tries, but it doesn’t land. Tony is going for self-pity all the way.










167. Crushed







Episode: Made in America (SE6, EP21)
Characters: Phil & Patty Leotardo, their grandkids, Walden Belfiore and Bystanders





     New Jersey defeats New York on one single blow. Phil’s death reminds of a scene straight out of SIX FEET UNDER. His head gets crushed under the wheel of his own SUV after having been popped in the head by young associate Walden Belfiore. He had it coming with his constant complaining. This is the final kill in the series of one of Tony’s worst antagonists.









166. Don’t Scam a Scammer








Episode: Chasing It (SE6, EP16)
Characters: Tony and Carmela





     Tony gravely insults Carmela for not using her spec house money for gambling. ‘You’re a shitty business woman who build a shitty house that’s gonna cave in and kill that fucking unborn baby any day. And now you can’t sleep.’ Harsh at it may be, Tony is right; she did use rotten wood on the spec house, which she is now selling to her own cousin Brian. These central characters are getting uglier every episode and Tony’s gambling problems aren’t helping either.










165. Comply or Die!









Episode: A Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist’s Office… (SE2, EP1)
Characters: Christopher, Adriana, Matt Bevilaqua, Sean Gismonte and traders





     At the start of this episode, we learn that an Asian guy gets Christopher a broker’s degree. In this scene, we find out why. The Sopranos are pulling a pump and dump scheme through a brokerage firm; they push a stock called Webistics and quickly dump it when the value reaches its top. Christopher is the Compliance Officer of the firm, which means he is either sleeping or taking his girlfriend to the beach. In his absence he leaves two Mafia wannabes in charge who hospitalise a trader because he is pushing the wrong stock. ‘Anybody else got a problem with Webistics?’  Yet, another funny look at the almost inconceivable immoral way these guys make their money.  










164. A Little Pain










Episode: Long Term Parking (SE5, EP12)
Characters: Tony and Christopher






     After Adriana’s death, Christopher is watching ¡THREE AMIGOS!. He admits to Tony that he snored a little H because he couldn’t handle the pain. He really loved her, he says. Tony is tired of his bullshit and kicks the living hell out of him. A grim ending of the Adriana story thread.  









163. DEFCON 4











Episode: Meadowlands (SE1, EP4)
Characters: Tony, Big Pussy, Paulie, Silvio and Christopher







     After they find out that Jackie Aprile just died, the Soprano crew do a toast to their friend and leader. In this scene, you can see how little the bond of these mobsters really means. Tony is a little upset, sure, but there is no way you can tell that one of his best friends has just passed away. One of the strippers almost gets more emotional. These mobsters are cold people. Then Christopher barges in who’s furious at Junior for taking over his turf. ‘This aint negotiation time. This is Scarface, final scene, bazooka under each arm, say hello to my little friend!’ With this comic act, Chris reminds the audience why it is so much fun to watch these mobsters anyway.  










162. Three O’Clock High












Episode: From Where to Eternity (SE2, EP9)
Characters: Christopher and Paulie





     In this episode, Christopher had a near death experience and visited hell. Over there, he got a message from Mikey Palmice for Paulie and Tony; three o’clock. Now is this for real or was Chrissy just high on morphine? Tony thinks it’s the second option, but Paulie is freaked out by the whole thing. In this scene he is convincing Christopher, or actually himself, that Chris did not visit hell, but only purgatory. ‘Just a little detour on our way to paradise.’ This might give Christopher a little piece of mind, but certainly not Paulie.










161. A New Approach













Episode: Second Opinion (SE3, EP7)
Characters: Carmela and Dr. Krakower






     Carmela isn’t used to this kind of talk. In SECOND OPINION she goes to see a psychiatrist whose approach is a little different from Dr. Melfi’s. He tells her outright that she should get a divorce and take the children. ‘Enabler would be a better job description for you than accomplice. My apologies. You can never say you haven’t been told.’












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