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180. The D Word





Episode: Commendatori (SE2, EP4)
Characters: Carmela, Angie Bonpensiero and Rosalie Aprile




     ‘Angie, you must be relieved Pussy is back, right?’, Carmela asks Pussy’s wife. Wrong! This is a great scene featuring ‘the wives of…’. It is beautiful because they get confronted with the fact that their husbands suck and they should all get a divorce, like Angie now realises. The men are in Italy, a trip Carmela wasn’t even invited on, so she has reasons to be pissed, but Carmela is clearly in the denial phase in this episode; ‘you know what the church says about divorce?’ Well, what about murder, Carm? ‘Con te partirò’ (also released as ‘Time to Say Goodbye’) by Andrea Bocelli is fittingly used as theme music here.







179. Mr. Brownstone





Episode: The Ride (SE6, EP9)
Characters: Christopher, Corky Caporale and stray dog




     When Christopher meets his doped-up buddy Corky Caporale to pay him for the hit on Rusty Millio, he relapses and shoots some skag. He then spends the night completely high with a stray dog. The song ‘The Dolphins’ by folk artist Fred Neil that plays throughout the sequence is perfect.








178. Free Alterations






Episode: Meadowlands (SE1, EP4)
Characters: Tony and Mikey Palmice





     When Tony is really enjoying himself, it is often because of violence. But who’s complaining when he is giving Junior’s sick henchman Mikey a good whacking? Tony is a real bear and when he hits somebody, the viewer can almost feel its impact. The reason for teaching Mikey a lesson is his killing of Brendan Filone and arranging a mock execution for Christopher. T uses a staple gun to attach a parking ticket to Mikey’s suit. That’s gotta hurt. ‘What are you screaming about? Free alterations’, Tony laughs. ‘This ticket is overdue.’









177. Retribution







Episode: Isabella (SE1, EP12)
Characters: Tony, Carmela, A.J., Meadow, Silvio, Paulie, Christopher, Uncle Junior, Livia and Father Phil





     After the failed attempt on Tony’s life, it is comforting to see that his crew immediately comes over to protect him and – off course – to look for retribution. They all know it was Junior, who comes in acting all concerned together with Livia. They look all the more concerned when Silvio says; ‘when we’re done with them, they are gonna wish they never been born.’ There is a lot going on in this scene. Livia starts acting demented so she can’t be held accountable for her part in the bodged hit and Tony gets back at Father Phil for sleeping over earlier in the season. It’s a beautiful family reunion.









176. Tracy and Hepburn








Episode: Whitecaps (SE4, EP13)
Characters: Carmela and Tony





     In their second major fight in WHITECAPS, a lot of bad things from the past come up, which is what normally happens in a marital dispute. Tony brings up Carmela telling him he was going to hell when he was first being examined for an MRI. Carmela, in return, tells him she has been in love with Furio and Tony punches the wall. He gets back at her by telling her he liked Svetlana because she had substance. He also says ‘poor you’ to her like Livia used to say to him. Tony is by far the nastiest in this fight and you can’t help but feel a little sorry for Carmela. On the other hand, she had a blindfold on all these years. Tony has always been the same, only earlier he was able to hide it a little better under a layer of roguish charm. Things are more transparent than ever now.   










175. The Funeral









Episode: Army of One (SE3, EP13)
Characters: Tony, Carmela, Meadow, A.J., Rosalie Aprile, Ralphie, Silvio & Gabriella Dante, Junior, Bobby, Paulie, Johnny & Ginni Sacrimoni and Christopher





     While Jackie Jr.’s murder was pretty uneventful (shot in the back of the head by Vito), his funeral is all the more exciting. While they are preparing to insert his casket in the Aprile family grave, half of the guests are arrested and the other half run with their tails between their legs. And the turn-up was already pretty shitty. Take with that the ugly, urban burial place and the depressing mood is complete.










174. Splitting Enemies










Episode: The Knight in White Satin Armor (SE2, EP12)
Characters: Junior, Bobby, Richie and Jackie Jr.






     He may be old, but Junior is still a strategic expert. When Richie comes to tell him that Ally Boy Barese is out in setting up a hit on Tony, he acts all disappointed. But as soon Richie is gone he weighs his long term interests. ‘The loser. He couldn’t fucking sell it. He’s not respected. We’re better off with Tony.’ Since Junior wanted to whack Tony himself in previous season, this wasn’t the expected outcome. That’s the thing with these wiseguys; you never know who is gonna get whacked next, but once they make up their minds, it’s gonna happen really fast.  









173. Call Me Superstitious











Episode: Made in America (SE6, EP21)
Characters: Tony and Paulie







     After a dark sixth season, it is nice to see the series return to its lighter roots in the finale. Paulie and Tony talk about superstition, which is always an entertaining subject between the two of them. The cat adds to the fun. It is also a bizarre sight to see these guys sitting outside Satriale’s with nothing but empty chairs. The place used to be crowded with mobsters. Now Paulie and Tony are basically the only old school guys left. Strange.  










172. Big Mouth Parisi












Episode: A Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist’s Office… (SE2, EP1)
Characters: Gigi Cestone and Philly Parisi






     No Philly Parisi, it is never a smart move to crack jokes about a recently appointed mob boss. Especially not if you are in the losing team. The killer Gigi Cestone is the smart one for switching camps. Before Philly leaves his home his wife tells him, ‘Don't forget the pastries’, a reference to THE GODFATHER when Peter Clemenza's wife tells him, ‘Don't forget the cannoli’, before going on the journey in which Paulie Gatto is killed for his role in the attempted hit on Don Vito Corleone.









171. Getting Better













Episode: Kaicha (SE6, EP12)
Characters: Tony, Phil, Butch DeConcini, Gerry Torciano, Albie Cianflone, Patty Leotardo and Ginny Sack






     In good Christmas spirits, Tony goes over to Phil in the hospital and asks him to believe in the ‘stop and smell the roses’ idea. There is enough money to be made for all, so they should be able to live in peace. Whether this will be reality will be answered in the final season 6b, but for now, things are good. At least between Phil and Tony. The little guy (Butchie) acts extremely menacing to Tony. Great new toad-looking antagonist.












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