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190. Eating Shit





Episode: Long Term Parking (SE5, EP12)
Characters: Johnny Sack, Phil Leotardo, Tony, Silvio, Christopher and Jimmy Petrille



     Tony practically has to go on his knees to Johnny Sack after his cousin went off the reservation and whacked Phil’s kid brother Billy Leotardo. The way Johnny brings it is beautiful: ‘The lone gunman theory. I want your cousin on a fucking spit. You either deliver that prick to my door or I will rain a shitstorm down on you and your family like you have never fucking seen.’






189. The Deer Hunter





Episode: Pine Barrens (SE3, EP11)
Characters: Paulie and Christopher




     In PINE BARRENS Paulie and Christopher are like the Mafia’s Cheech and Chong. In this sequence, Paulie loses his shoe and Christopher shoots a deer in a pathetic attempt to kill the Russian they lost. ‘Four years in the army, kid’, Paulie told Christopher a little earlier. Well, it shows.








188. Vipers






Episode: The Ride (SE6, EP9)
Characters: Tony, Christopher and bikers





     Thrillseekers Tony and Christopher have an old school bandit experience when they rob a few crates of wine from a bunch of bikers (the Vipers), who are stealing it from a store. If ends up in a shoot-out and Christopher manages to shoot one of the bikers. You can feel the sensation of the moment, which is the whole point of this episode, called ‘The Ride’. Yiiiiyyyaaaa!!!!!!









187. There Has Been an Accident…







Episode: Kennedy and Heidi (SE6, EP18)
Characters: Tony and Carmela





     One of the greatest performances in THE SOPRANOS comes from Edie Falco in this scene, in which Tony calls Carmela to tell her Christopher is dead. She really makes the pain and the shock so very tangible. A terribly realistic and heartfelt scene. This is dramatic television at its best.  









186. AR-10








Episode: Sopranos Home Movies (SE6, EP13)
Characters: Tony and Bobby





     Another example of why Tony and his crew are bad for the world. While spending time with Bobby, Tony starts blowing up poor innocent trees with the monstrous machine gun Bobby gave him for his 47th birthday. Can’t these guys come up with less destructive leisure activities?  










185. Die Hard









Episode: Mayham (SE6, EP3)
Characters: Paulie Gualtieri, Cary DiBartolo and Colombian drug dealers





     Paulie Walnuts shows us why he is one of the heaviest hitters in Tony’s crew. During a drug warehouse burglary, he and an associate take out three Colombians. Paulie sticks a knife in one as if its daily routine. He does take some damage though; a knee in the testicles. But it’s worth it as they walk away with close to a million bucks.  










184. Choices Made










Episode: Stage 5 (SE6, EP14)
Characters: Johnny, Ginny and Allegra Sacrimoni






     Johnny Sack is dying of lung cancer. In this scene he tells his family, but he is not allowed to touch them. The last season is about making choices, if anything else. Johnny Sack is in this shitty position because of the choices he made in his life. To join the mob… Those choices also include smoking by the way; the scene ends with him bumming a smoke from a fellow inmate. Like CLEAVER, Johnny is now in stage 4 and there won’t be a stage 5. It is heart wrecking, which makes this impressive writing/directing/acting considering we are watching a cold blooded murderer here.









183. Curto Rats!











Episode: Proshai Livushka (SE3, EP2)
Characters: Raymond Curto and FBI-man







     Pussy’s body hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean yet, or a new FBI-rat is revealed. This time it’s senior mobster Raymond Curto. THE SOPRANOS is full of surprises. It has already been said many times in this series; mobsters don’t have room for the penal experience anymore, so they turn government witness. One out of every five guys is a rat, according to Tony. Curto appeared old school, but he’s singing to the feds anyway; a true soprano this one. He even seems to do his side job with much enthusiasm.  










182. Curto Dies!













Episode: Members Only (SE6, EP1)
Characters: Raymond Curto and Agent Robyn Sanseverino





     Right after Tony cries that he can’t catch a lucky break, he catches one without even knowing it. Raymond Curto, who was revealed to be a snitch in Season 3, dies of a heart attack in his FBI contact’s car. This is one of these great SOPRANOS surprises; Curto was the last known rat the feds had, so it could definitely be expected that he would play a major role in the final season as threat to Tony. But no, the writers always go for the unexpected and succeed.










181. Health Hazard













Episode: Kennedy and Heidi (SE6, EP18)
Characters: Waste collectors






     Don’t shit where you eat. Tony’s refusal to settle a garbage dispute with Phil leads to this; the dumping of asbestos in a Jersey marsh. You can hear the ducks that Tony loved so much in the pilot episode… Terrible scene, that is telling for the current state these characters are in. Tony has become more comfortably numb than Christopher ever was on smack.












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