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Memorable Moments...


200. Fuck Doc




Episode: Remember When (SE6, EP15)
Characters: Faustino ‘Doc’ Santoro, Bodyguard, Butch DeConcini, shooters




     Let’s hit it off with a good whacking. THE SOPRANOS is full of them and this one is particularly delicious. Frontrunner for the New York No1 position, Faustino ‘Doc’ Santoro gets shot outside a massage parlour along with his bodyguard by Phil Leotardo’s guys. Doc sealed his faith earlier this episode by literally taking food from Phil’s plate. Reminds of the real life Paul Castellano hit. Oh, and that eyeshot is framed beautifully Coppola style.







199. Ungrateful




Episode: Full Leather Jacket (SE2, EP8)
Characters: Carmela, Richie, Polish maid and husband




     That look on Richie’s face when he sees his leather jacket on the husband of Tony’s Polish maid who comes to pick up a TV-set (‘in Poland he was a mechanical engineer’). Richie gave the jacket to Tony to make good for the problems that they had. He was real proud of it too, since he took the jacket from Rocco DiMeo, the cocksucker with the toughest reputation of Essex County. And now, in the blink of an eye, it is all washed down the fucking toilet.








198. Temptress






Episode: The Telltale Moozadell (SE3, EP9)
Characters: Tony and Gloria Trillo





     Tony takes his new goomar Gloria to the zoo and they have a very erotic moment in the snake-house. The love between the two is still tender and exciting here and it shows big-time. That snake in the background is awesome. There is a subtle foreshadow that the happy times between the two won’t last long when Gloria remarks to Tony; ‘poor you’, a mimic of the recently deceased Livia.   










197. These #@**&%$ Ducks!







Episode: Pilot (SE1, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Carmela, Meadow, A.J., Silvio, Hunter Scangarelo, Father Phil and Uncle Junior





     The ducks in the swimming pool: what do they mean? The pilot of THE SOPRANOS makes it very clear that this is no ordinary television show, but a complex work of art. Tony’s first anxiety attack while barbequing is also perfectly shot and acted. Happens right after A.J.’s famous line; ‘So what, no fucking ziti now?’  









196. Spitting Image








Episode: A Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist’s Office… (SE2, EP1)
Characters: Tony, Paulie, Pussy, Silvio, Raymond Curto and Gigi Cestone





     Silvio, whose hair seems to grow an inch each season, does terrific Al Pacino imitations. Not for nothing, they are a massive source of amusement to the wiseguys. In this scene, he is on a roll and does no less than three imitations. The best one is the middle one in which he imitates Michael Corleone lying to his wife Kay. ‘Michael, is it true?’ ‘No’. ‘You fucking schifusa!’ The whole crew is in stitches.  










195. Father and Son









Episode: Johnny Cakes (SE6, EP8)
Characters: Tony and A.J.





     A.J. attempts to kill Junior as revenge for shooting his dad. But – luckily for him – he accidently drops his knife and is halted by security. Tony manages to get him released and gives him a good talking to. Then A.J., calls him a hypocrite because Tony named the scene in THE GODFATHER in which Michael Corleone kills his father’s attackers his favourite scene of all time. His own attempt to pull a Michael Corleone failed though. He is more like Fredo who also dropped his weapon when his father was gunned down.










194. Law Enforcement










Episode: The Knight in White Satin Armor (SE2, EP12)
Characters: Pussy, Christopher, Tommy Mack and 7/11 Clerk






     Pussy’s dilemma in betraying his friends is over. Now, he is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome; he thinks he’s an FBI agent. Despite his FBI-contact telling him not to, he follows Christopher and an associate who are out to rob a shipment of Pokemon cards, all the while talking into a walkie-talkie like he is in ‘Jake and the Fatman’. But he dysfunctions behind the wheel, and hits a 7/11 Clerk before bumping into a parked car. Pussy has gone really delusional is the central message here.   









193. Talkin’ To Me?











Episode: Everybody Hurts (SE4, EP6)
Characters: Artie







     Artie made an unwise business decision by lending 50.000 dollars – which he borrowed from Tony by the way – to a French entrepreneur. Off course he hasn’t heart dick from him since, so on Tony’s advise he is going to his house to confront him. In this scene he is practicing for the showdown. It’s very impressive: ‘I called you five times. Qu’est-ce que c’est message machine broken? You fucking avoiding me motherfucker?’. The eventual showdown doesn’t go so well. Artie is a doucheback, but a sympathetic one most of the time.










192. A True Friend












Episode: D-Girl (SE2, EP7)
Characters: Pussy, A.J. and Skip Lipari





     On his confirmation, A.J. is caught smoking marijuana (the animal) and gets send to his room. His godfather Pussy – who is wearing a wire at the occasion – goes up to talk to him. While the feds are listening in, he tells A.J. a genuinely touching story about how Tony can be a really good guy. When Pussy’s sister was in the hospital when they were kids, Tony went with him to visit her every time. On the day that she died, Tony was there also. Pussy later breaks down and weeps on the toilet; he is fixing on betraying a true friend, while A.J. justifyingly wonders; ‘why did he do all these great things before he was my dad?’










191. The Bear













Episode: Two Tonys (SE5, EP1)
Characters: A.J., Carmela and Bear






     An awesome metaphor: Tony left the premises and a replacement shows up; an extremely strong and dangerous brown bear. A.J. nearly shits his pants. This is the perfect visual representation of Tony and Carmela’s separation. Great also that this episode is called TWO TONYS, as in Tony – Bear / Tony – Tony Blundetto and Old Tony – Different Tony (the one that tries to seduce Melfi).











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